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Tianjin Santroll Electric Automobile Technology Co.,Ltd.
Committed to the development of various types of drive systems

Tianjin Santroll Electric Automobile Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is located in the Airport Economic Zone, Binhai New Area, Tianjin, covering an area of more than 60 acres. The company has a registered capital of 92.91 million CNY and more than 700 employees, including more than 260 R&D engineers.

The company is committed to the development of various types of drive systems, and has applied for 986 patents. The main products are electric drive controllers and core components of flat wire motors, which are widely used in electric commercial vehicles, construction vehicles, electric ships, electric heavy-duty drones, rail transportation, intelligent distribution, service robots, electric bicycles, construction machinery, Seaport and airport special equipment and other fields.

The company will always adhere to the concept of "limitless technology creates unlimited energy", actively embrace the era of global electrification, and become a leader in the electric drive industry.

organizational structure
  • 21YEAR

    From 2001

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  • 986


organizational structure
Enterprise Culture
Development History
Micro vehicle drive controller field
  • 2001.03
    Santroll company was incorporated in Hedong District of Tianjin and rented the abandoned classroom of 40m^2 in a primary school.
  • 2003.08
    The market share of electric bicycle controller reaches 30%, ranking first in China. In particular, the brushless motor controller is famous all over the country.
  • 2004.03
    Santroll took the lead in introducing the ultra silent brushless motor controller, which once again promoted the technological revolution of the industry.
  • 2005.11
    Organize the formulation of the standard "technical conditions of controllers for electric vehicles DB12/t250-2005".
  • 2006.05
    Santroll factory moved into the airport economic zone.
  • 2006.12
    In that year, 6 million units controllers were sold, with a daily output of 30000 units.
  • 2008.03
    Santroll began to enter the field of electric forklift controllers, with a total sales of 25000 units, and is a key supplier of Heli forklift.
  • 2009.03
    After two years of research, the chairman led some R & D engineers into the field of electric vehicles
  • 2009.12
    The second-generation parallel hybrid system of Santroll was launched on Tianjin No. 600 bus, and it was officially put into commercial operation, with a total of 17 vehicles. This system perfectly applies pure supercapacitor energy storage technology, leading the hybrid power system of Chinese buses into the era of supercapacitors.
  • 2010.02
    Santroll 3-generation hybrid bus system has achieved a major breakthrough in electric power steering and idle stop technology, which is the first and exclusive in China. Pure supercapacitor technology is still applied.
  • 2010.12
    The State Intellectual Property Office of China released the patent ranking, and Santroll ranked first in the domestic patent application volume in the field of electric vehicle motor and electronic control.
  • 2012.08
    Santroll presides over and undertakes the 863 Program of the Ministry of science and technology of China "battery electric starting technology platform".
  • 2012.12
    Santroll hybrid system ranks first in the national market share, covering buses in 68 cities across the country.
  • 2014.01
    Santroll 4-generation system has reached the "international leading" technical level after being identified by experts organized by the Chinese society of automotive engineering. Fuel saving > 50%, battery driving time > 70%.
  • 2015.09
    Launch the power system of Santroll 5-generation 10 in 1 integrated hybrid electric bus drive system.
  • 2016.06
    Launch a contact charging system for electric bus. Apply computer vision technology to automatically link the power supply and quickly charge. This technology is leading in the world so far.
  • 2017.03
    Due to changes in the market environment, hybrid public transport is gradually disappearing. Santroll's second strategic transformation is to move towards the fields of flat wire motors for passenger cars and heavy industrial equipment.
  • 2017.05
    Successfully developed the domestic leading controller for three fulcrum double motor driven forklift and applied it to Heli forklift.
  • 2017.10
    Santroll completed the first prototype of the hairpin motor, with a stator diameter of 390mm, which is applied to battery electric buses.
  • 2018.04
    The first commercial vehicle motor production line was completed.
  • 2018.07
    After two years of research and development, Santroll launched two specifications of commercial vehicle battery electric power steering system (EPS), which is the first in China.
  • 2018.10
    The commercial vehicle equipped with Santroll hairpin motor has been in operation for 2.5 years (100000 km) and has no fault.
  • 2019.03
    The stator outer diameters of 180, 220 and 270mm hairpin motors are developed, and the specifications gradually serialized, and the production equipment is gradually stable and mature.
  • 2020
    The first fully automatic flat wire motor production line with an annual output of 100000 passenger cars was completed.
  • 2022.03
    Borgwana acquired flat wire motor department.
Qualification and Honor
  • 2018
    IATF 16949
  • 2010
    National enterprise intellectual property pilot company
  • 2011
    Post-Doctoral Research Center
  • 2012
    National high-tech enterprise
  • 2015
    National recognized Enterprise Technology Center
  • 2021
    Zhilian China's best employer of the year(2021)
  • 2021
    "Little giant" Enterprise Award(2021)
  • 2012
    Project undertaking company of "electric starting technology platform" of national 863 Program
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