Borgwarner acquired Tianjin Santroll Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (the business was originally separated from the parent company of Santroll) for US $220million (about 1.4 billion yuan), and the formal delivery was completed today.

Santroll was founded in 2001 and is committed to various drive system technologies. The company's products are widely used in electric commercial vehicles, engineering vehicles, electric ships, electric load-bearing UAVs, rail transit, intelligent distribution, service robots, e-bike, engineering machinery, port and airport special equipment and other fields. The acquisition target is Santroll flat wire motor business unit of electric passenger vehicles.



History of Tianjin Santroll Auto Parts Co., Ltd.:


At present, Tianjin Santroll Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has more than 400 employees. Its main business is flat wire motor for EV. It has more than 200 domestic and foreign patents. The number of patents in the field of flat wire motor ranks among the top three in the world. It is an enterprise integrating flat wire motor product research and development, process research and development, and automatic manufacturing equipment research and development.


As one of the largest auto parts suppliers in the world, BorgWarner ranks among the top 25 suppliers in the global auto industry, with annual sales of US $14.838 billion in 2021. Since 2015, borgwana has quickly responded to the electrification development needs of the automotive industry by acquiring Remy international, a century old enterprise in the motor field, with  $950million; Complete the acquisition of Delphi technology with $3.3 billion in 2020. The acquisition of Tianjin Santroll passenger car flat wire motor business will further complement borgwana's motor product line. The acquisition also reflects the commercial value of Tianjin Santroll passenger car flat wire motor business department, and the comprehensive advantages of Santroll's products, processes and automation R & D capabilities have also been internationally recognized.

“limitless technology creates unlimited energy” Tianjin Santroll,actively embrace the era of global electrification, and become a leader in the electric drive industry.