Recently, the list of 2021 China's best employer of the year was announced, and Tianjin Santroll was honored as the top 30 employer of the year in 2021 in Tianjin, ranking 18th, and won the "2021 China's best employer of the year". Today, Tianjin Santroll was invited to participate in the best employer award ceremony.



"China's best employer of the year" was jointly launched by Zhilian recruitment and the social investigation and research center of Peking University in 2005. Harvard Business Review, HR Association and other institutions participated in the organization and evaluation. It aims to find and tap the benchmark enterprises of Chinese employers' brands through professional and scientific investigation and selection, and also provide job seekers with effective standards of "good employer" and "good job", so as to realize the "win-win" development of employers and employees. 

As one of the representative enterprises in the new energy electric drive industry, Tianjin Santroll attaches great importance to talent training and maximizes the value of employees. It always adheres to the concept of "limitless technology creates unlimited energy", adheres to the employment attitude of "integrity", and welcomes the era of global electrification. In the future, we expect more excellent talents to join Santroll and go to the workplace together to create more new possibilities for the society. We "work together for the future".